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Visia Scan

Dr R Singh's Visia Scan Treatment

Midlands Laser Clinic is one of the few clinics if not the only clinic that has two VISIA Scan machines and offers the VISIA Scan for free. This is a saving of over R150.00.

So take advantage of this free offer!

Contact either the Pietermaritzburg or Durban office for this state of the art skin anlaysis technology.

What is Visia?

Simply a camera that takes high-tech shots of the face.

The VISIA Complexion Analysis System is best describe as an intelligent imaging technology ~ a combination of computer-driven photographic hardward and sophisticated software for feature dection and analysis.

Dr R Singh's Visia Scan Treatment

What does the VISIA system measure?

A VISIA imaging session uses multi-spectral imaging and analysis to capture visual information for key areas affecting complexion health and appearance: wrinkles, spots, pores, texture (colour variation in the skin tone), porphyrins (evidence of bacteria in pores), and UV spots (characteristic of photodamage, typically from overexposure to sun).

Additionally, VISIA provides an informative comparison of an individual's complexion characteristics to these of others of the same age and skin type.

How are the VISIA measurements used to provide better skin care?

VISIA has tools for the skin care specialist to assist in treatment recommendations, compare a series of imaging sessions, and also prints out nine different report cariations depending on the specific areas of concern.

Should You Have Any Other Questions - Please Consult The Therapist.